Who we are

Dominio ICT Aerospazio Abruzzo

The Dominio ICT Aerospazio Abruzzo, born from a partnership between Companies, University and Research Bodies, aims to create the synergies necessary to positively affect the strategic development of companies by contributing, in fact, also to the growth and development of the territory.

Focusing on Research and Development, the Dominio ICT Aerospazio Abruzzo aims at innovation.


The manager of the Dominio ICT Aerospazio Abruzzo is the University of L’Aquila. The Shareholders give the Manager a special free and irrevocable collective mandate, with reporting obligation.

The “Dominio ICT/Aerospazio Abruzzo” was established with the aim of:


Engage in supporting the priorities necessary for intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth, focusing on the elaboration of national/regional strategies, in the ICT/Aerospace field, of intelligent specialization aimed at identifying territorial excellence in terms of research and innovation and to identify the potential for growth


Implement partnership animation activities aimed at outlining a shared development trajectory in the medium/long term on the ICT/Aerospace theme


Stimulate dialogue between the world of research and business by promoting technology transfer


Strengthen networking between companies and activate supply chain projects


Promote projects with a high technological content and strong impact on the territory (royal, national and community) which provide for collaborations between SMEs, Large Enterprises and Research Centers